My Travel Timeline Ā – Introduction

Hi there šŸ™‚ My name is Michael , i am 44 years old (omg it dont sounds better if i write it lol) and i like many things . One of these things is … hmm … to travel . I dont know it since i am 43 years old and … yes … start to do it easily . I love it ! 2016 was a very exciting year for me . I tell you the truth directly at the beginning … iĀ  am not a as good writer as i like to and -yes- its also good for you because you can look more pictures than reading šŸ˜†. Maybe i write like a famous newspaper from germany (my home land) with much pictures but not so much lie stories haha . I promise not to lie (so much :p … not intentionally i mean ) … after that travel stories … ehm pictures with little to read šŸ˜‰ maybe i show you some complete different parts of my interests … see you šŸ™‚ …